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Acquire complex skills to build and deliver sophisticated software solutions.
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Technical Workshop Training Courses

Delivered by Tengiz Tutisani

    Have you ever been on training where an instructor cannot answer your questions?
    Have you ever left the training with a feeling that you didn't learn anything new?
    Me too.

    I don't teach things that I have not or cannot do myself, so I am not a typical trainer. I teach things that I do daily. People who have worked with me consider me as an exceptionally knowledgeable professional. I can help you learn intricate skills that will allow you to become a top-notch professional. I will answer every question you can have, ensuring that you leave my training on another level than what you had before you came to me.

    - Tengiz Tutisani

NOTE: these are predefined training courses with curriculums. I can also custom-build a class for your specific needs. If you are not sure what is the best choice for your team, please contact me, and I will guide you through the selection process at no cost. It is my pleasure and honor to help you succeed!

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