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About Executive Consultation

Technical IT executives need to solve many simultaneous technical challenges to deliver business value via technology solutions. Decisions that they make often require awareness and knowledge of various technical patterns, concepts, tools, and offerings. I offer to partner with you to deliver on your vision and strategy by recommending technical roadmaps and solutions.


What questions can I answer?

  • How do I maximize my business value via technology and solutions?
  • When and how to migrate to the cloud?
  • Which cloud provider, managed services, strategy, and hosting model is right for my business?
  • How to build a product efficiently in terms of the cost and time to market?
  • How to plan, implement, and manage Enterprise Architecture to maximize technology-business alignment?
  • How to define, implement, review, and monitor my organization's Solution Architecture, Data Architecture, and Application Architecture?
  • Where to find talent, how to filter and hire them effectively with my technology choices and product offerings?
  • How to re-architect my business product from a monolith to microservices?
  • How to train my talent to improve the quality of delivered solutions and be resilient to changing market conditions?
  • How to succeed with Agile Transformation on a technical side of the fence?
  • How to align technology and solutions with organizational structure, processes, teams, portfolios, programs, projects, and deliverables?


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