Effective Software Development for Enterprise

Beyond DDD, Software Architecture, and XP

By Tengiz Tutisani

A book about building high-quality software solutions via engineering excellence, software architecture, and leadership best practices
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About The Book

By Author


The book "Effective Software Development for Enterprise" is versatile writing covering many topics from multiple aspects of the software engineering industry. Perhaps understanding the book's content will be simpler if you recognize that this publication has three primary dimensions.

Dimension 1: SDLC

The book's structure repeats the shape of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) in that it covers all the SDLC phases from analysis to maintenance. The publication also touches on supporting areas such as culture and management under the cross-cutting concerns.

Dimension 2: Top-Down Structure

The author is a firm believer in the top-down approaches as opposed to bottom-up designs. This preference unfolds throughout the book by emphasizing the importance of structural integrity and information flow from top to bottom. For example, the publication adjusts architecture principles under business needs, and later on, it fits the code structure under the architecture's guidelines.

Dimension 3: Effective Software

The book attempts to raise the software engineering industry's quality bar by defining "Effective Software" as an ideal outcome of the development efforts. The six principles of Effective Software are the supporting spline for every topic in this writing. Here are the ambitious objectives that the publication sets for Effective Software:

  1. Meet users' expectations.
  2. No defects.
  3. Scale out horizontally.
  4. No dedicated production support team.
  5. Accelerate development pace.
  6. Double ROI per developer, team, and software.


Praise For The Book

By Independent Professionals

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-- Dave Black, Solutions & Performance Architect, Black Box Solutions, Inc.

* * *

-- Jim Hammond, Lead Developer, Kantar

* * *

-- Preeti Baranga, Technical Leader in Software Development, LinkedIn

* * *

-- Lasha Kochoradze, CTO at Nugios Technology

* * *

-- Nugzar Nebieridze, Entrepreneur, Expert of Cybersecurity, Ex-CIO at Liberty Bank Georgia

* * *

-- Romana Stasiv, Agile Fellow

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